Become an Aupair is a great place to get information on becoming an au pair or finding an au pair from anywhere in the World. Au pairs serve a really important place in the World of caregivers providing guidance, cultural variety, and much more to our children and their families. There are so many reasons to become an au pair, here are just a few in general and then by country:

10 Reasons to Become an Au Pair in General

For generations of young people, working as an au pair has proven to be an exciting and rewarding experience. The opportunity to live and work in a foreign country can be valuable in many different ways; for students considering an au pair term, here are ten of the reasons why it might be one of the best decisions you ever make.

  1. Foreign Travel – For many young people, the idea of international travel is a cherished but difficult-to-attain dream. Working as an au pair can help make your dream of becoming a world traveler a reality.
  2. Building Second Language Skills – Living and working in a country where a foreign language is spoken can help students of that language polish their skills into complete fluency. Because language skills are among the most sought after for recruiters and hiring managers, building your fluency can create job opportunities at the end of your term.
  3. Immersion in Another Culture – In addition to gaining valuable language skills, au pairs have the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in a culture that is not their own. This intimate understanding of a foreign culture can be rewarding in and of itself, and also lead to opportunities that would otherwise have been denied later in life.
  4. Education Opportunities – In most countries with established au pair programs, one of the main requirements is that au pairs attend classes and actively pursue secondary education degrees.
  5. Valuable Resume Addition – From the work experience to the additional skills that you will develop while working as an au pair, your resume will immediately stand out in a field of other applicants. In a difficult economy, any edge that job seekers can gain over the competition is important.
  6. Living Abroad in a Family Setting – Because there is almost always an age limit for serving as an au pair, those who do so are generally quite young and perhaps inexperienced living on their own. Instead of taking on the herculean task of living alone while studying abroad, au pairs live, work and study within a family environment.
  7. Creating Long-Lasting Relationships – The bonds that you form with your host family and the friends you make along the way could be among the most treasured. For many au pairs, contact with their host families lasts for years.
  8. Valuable Life Experience – While working as an au pair, you’ll be expected to perform many household management tasks. Learning to help run an efficient household is certain to prove quite valuable when you have one of your own to look after.
  9. Expanding Your Horizons – Experiencing other cultures and other ways of life that are different from those you’ve been accustomed to will help to make you a much more well-rounded, open-minded person.
  10. Working With Children – Last but certainly not least, students who work as au pairs work closely with children, serving as something akin to a nanny. Those who have plans to pursue a career within the childcare or child development field can benefit from hands-on work experience in addition to the many other perks of spending time as an au pair.

Though au pairs serve in a limited capacity as a household assistant, custom dictates that they are treated more as a member of the family and never as a servant or employee. Though host families are required to provide a modest weekly stipend for spending money, this is not considered payment for services rendered. Au pairs are also entitled to a significant amount of free time to study and explore their host country.

10 Reasons to Become an Au Pair in America

In 1989, the Au Pair Program in the United States was officially enacted. Since then, students from around the world have opted to work and study on American soil while living with a host family who provides room, board and a modest stipend for spending money in exchange for light household and childcare assistance. For young people considering a stint as an American au pair, here are ten of the reasons why it could prove to be an exciting and rewarding experience.

  1. Working With Children – Because the bulk of an au pair’s responsibilities revolve around caring for and looking after children, a sincere love of kids and desire to work with them is very strongly recommended. For those who do genuinely enjoy the company of children, an au pair term is sure to be an enjoyable experience.
  2. Polishing English Skills – While having a working knowledge of the English language is required by the American government, studying and working with people who speak English primarily can help to polish those skills into strong fluency by the end of your stay.
  3. Experiencing American Culture – American culture is made up of its many disparate influences; traditions from around the world are celebrated among the descendents of original immigrants, making the melting pot that is the United States a great place to learn about other ways of life.
  4. Educational Opportunities – As with almost all other au pair programs, students serving as an au pair in the United States are required to attend classes and further their education during their stay. Studying at an American university can expose you to ideas and methods that you might not encounter in your home country, broadening your horizons and helping you see the world from a different perspective.
  5. Earning Spending Money While Studying Abroad – Though an au pair’s stipend is relatively small, host families also provide room and board. For students of modest means, this can be the only way that international study is feasible.
  6. Financial Assistance With Education Expenses – American host families are also required to contribute a pre-determined amount towards their au pair’s education expenses, which can offset the cost that an au pair incurs greatly.
  7. Living in a Family Environment – Moving to a foreign country, even temporarily, can be a daunting prospect for young people even though they’re excited about the opportunity. Because au pairs live and work within a family unit, there is a sense of security and stability that would be otherwise missing from an international study experience.
  8. Travel Experience – Seeing the world and becoming a well-traveled individual starts with a single step. For many, that first step is becoming an au pair. The confidence and sense of pride that comes from studying abroad can be the most rewarding aspect of the experience for many young people.
  9. Many Options For Area of Residency – America is, geographically, a very large place. Whether you’re interested in visiting the beach, the mountains, dense forests or an urban setting, there’s something for everyone in the United States.
  10. Making a Difference in the Lives of a Family – The assistance that an au pair provides can make a significant difference in the lives of each member of a family. Knowing that you’re helping people while experiencing the world and furthering your education is something you’re sure to cherish for the rest of your days.

Au pairs working and studying in the United States have multiple programs to choose from, each with slightly varying requirements. Contacting an au pair agency is the first step in the process, and can help you find the answers to many of your questions.

10 Reasons to Become an Au Pair in England

Working as an au pair has been one of the most popular ways for young people to study abroad since just after World War II. Over the years, it’s become a cherished institution for many students who would otherwise be unable to do so. For those considering a term as an au pair, here are ten of the reasons why you might want to consider doing so in the United Kingdom.

  1. Because You Love Children – Helping to care for the children in your host family will be one of your biggest responsibilities during your time in England. For students who have plans to work in a child-related field, the experience of working with children while living in a foreign country is doubly rewarding.
  2. To Improve Your English Language Skills – If English is your second language, living and working in Britain can be a great way of polishing your skills to fluency. Because you will be surrounded by people who predominantly speak English, you will pick up the nuances of the language much easier than you would in a classroom setting.
  3. To Experience English Culture – As with any other country, England has a strong culture of its own that is unlike any other. Young people with a desire to experience English culture firsthand may find that working as an au pair is the best way to do so.
  4. To See World-Famous Landmarks – From Big Ben to Stonehenge, there are many iconic landmarks that are synonymous with “Britain” in the minds of those from other countries. The opportunity to see these landmarks in person rather than a photograph is one of the major perks of working as a British au pair.
  5. You Live Within the European Economic Area – While applicants from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Monaco and Taiwan are eligible for the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme, other students from outside the EEU are not eligible to become an au pair in Britain at this time. If you do live in one of these countries, you’re among those who have the opportunity.
  6. To Live and Work in a Family Setting – Rather than traveling to a foreign country to work and study on your own, working as an au pair will give you the opportunity to experience life on your own while still retaining the support system of a family unit.
  7. Because of the BAPAA’s High Standards – The British Au Pair Agencies Association carefully screens host family applicants before setting them up with a potential au pair, ensuring that the au pair is entering a safe environment that adheres to the strict standards set forth by the BAPAA.
  8. To Participate in a Cultural Exchange – In addition to experiencing a new culture, working as an au pair in England will also give you the opportunity to share your own culture with your host family. Your appreciation for your country and its traditions will be strengthened by this exchange, and it can help you and your host family to bridge the cultural gap between you.
  9. Gaining Self-Sufficiency – Even though you will be living with a host family, leaving your own country to live and work in another will greatly increase your self-sufficiency and confidence.
  10. Making Memories That Will Last a Lifetime – You will never forget the time that you spend in England, helping to care for the children in your host family and seeing all that England has to offer.

Because the requirements can be a bit restrictive, au pairs who work in England are among a select few. Your experience will be unlike any other, and one that you’ll care with you for the rest of your life.

10 Reasons to Become an Au Pair in France

France is one of the art and culture centers of the world; from the lights of Paris to the rustic charm of rural areas, France is associated with art, food and romance in the minds of many. For students considering a term as an au pair, working and studying in France could be one of the most exciting experiences of their lives. Here are ten of the reasons why France might be the best choice for you when considering your options.

  1. You Love Working With Children – The biggest requirement for becoming an au pair anywhere is a genuine love of children. The majority of your stay in France will be spent helping to care for French children; if you have a desire to live temporarily in France and to work with children, working as an au pair in France may be a perfect fit.
  2. Polishing Your French Language Skills – Basic French language skills are one of the requirements for becoming an au pair in France; however, you’ll be able to polish those skills into impressive fluency in a relatively short time, due to the immersion in the language that you’ll experience. When everyone around you is speaking French, you’ll pick it up much more quickly than you would have in French language courses on your home soil.
  3. To Experience French Culture – From food to art, French culture is imitated all around the world. The opportunity to experience it firsthand can be one of the most exciting aspects of your time spent as an au pair.
  4. Furthering Your Education – In almost all countries with officially-recognized au pair programs, you will be required to take secondary education courses. Studying abroad is a cherished dream for many; those with a desire to live in France could find that doing so as an au pair is the best way to make that dream come true.
  5. Forging Relationships – In addition to your host family, you will also build relationships with friends and peers that will last a lifetime. Experiencing France with the aid of your new friends is likely to bring you closer together, helping you to forge strong, lasting relationships.
  6. Changing Your Perspective – Moving to France, even for a short time, can change your perspective on a variety of things within your life. Experiencing French culture and seeing how the people around you interact in comparison with those that you’re used to can alter you point of view greatly, almost always for the better.
  7. Gaining Valuable Life Experience – From learning to navigate in unfamiliar territory to bridging cultural gaps with your new friends, studying and working as an au pair in France can help you gain learn valuable life lessons that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your days.
  8. Learning to Help Manage a Household – Part of the contract you’ll enter into with your French host family will require that you provide household assistance beyond childcare. You’ll also learn how to help in the management of a household, lessons that are valuable in any language.
  9. Becoming More Self-Sufficient – Though you will be living and working with a host family, you will still gain an incredible measure of independence during your time in France. Simply learning to communicate more clearly with those around you and find your intended destinations throughout the day will boost your self-confidence.
  10. Sharing Your Own Culture With Your Host Family – In addition to helping you experience French culture, your host family is likely to be interested in your culture as well. You may be asked to help children learn English or to share your experiences as a foreigner, which will enrich their lives in the same way that they’re helping to enrich yours.

During your time in France, should you choose to become an au pair there, you will have the rare opportunity to experience the country as a resident, rather than a short-term tourist. For those who have worked as an au pair in France, the experience is ranked among the most valuable in their lives and the memories among their most cherished.

10 Reasons to Become an Au Pair in Germany

Many students, whether fresh out of high school or working on their college degree, have a desire to study abroad. For some, working as an au pair can be the ideal way to spend a term on foreign soil; in exchange for light childcare and housekeeping duties, a student can receive meals, lodging and a weekly stipend for spending money. If you’re considering becoming an au pair, here are ten reasons why Germany might be the right choice for you.

  1. You Have Basic Conversational German Language Skills That You Would Like to Improve – One of the main requirements for becoming an au pair in Germany is that you possess at least basic conversational German abilities. By immersing yourself in the language and culture, those basic skills will quickly blossom into fluency.
  2. You’re Interested in Experiencing German Culture as a Resident – Tourists may experience a portion of a city’s culture, but living and working in Germany for an extended period will expose you to aspects of the country that casual visitors would likely miss.
  3. You Enjoy Working With Children – Au pairs spend the bulk of their working hours caring for the children in their host family. For students of childhood development or those interested in pursuing a career in childcare, working as an au pair can help you gain essential skills in addition to the experience of studying abroad.
  4. Living in a Family Setting Appeals To You – For some, the idea of striking out on their own immediately after high school or even during college by living in a foreign country is simultaneously daunting and enticing. By working as an au pair, you’ll be able to experience Germany as safely as possible, living in a family setting with citizens who can offer advice and direction.
  5. You Have a Desire to Travel Throughout Europe – Travel to Italy, France and other European countries can be done with relative ease during your stint as an au pair in Germany, creating the potential for exciting trips during your off time.
  6. You’re Taking a Break From Academics – Unlike some other European countries, Germany does not require visiting au pairs to enroll in secondary education coursework. If you’re thinking of taking a break from school or have already finished and are within the specified age range, Germany may be the ideal choice.
  7. You’re On a Budget – Au pair agencies in Germany do not charge incoming au pairs a placement fee; instead, these fees are paid by the host family. For young people on a budget, this arrangement may make international travel possible.
  8. To Make Long-Lasting Relationships – Living and working with your host family is sure to create bonds that will last a lifetime; you’ll also meet other au pairs and local young people that will become your friends. Your time in Germany is certain to be one that you’ll never forget, thanks in part to these relationships.
  9. To Broaden Your Horizons – International travel and living abroad is one of the absolute best ways to broaden your horizons and help you become a more well-rounded, self-sufficient person. During your term in Germany, you will become more confident in yourself and proud of your accomplishments.
  10. Widening Your Perspective – Living in a country with a culture and traditions that are different from your own helps you to see the world and those around you from a different perspective. Upon returning from Germany, you might find that the way you view your own country has changed.

Au pair agencies that are part of the Au Pair Society and International Au Pair Association thoroughly screen host family applicants to ensure the safety of incoming au pairs. Working with an accredited agency will have you on your way to Germany in no time!

10 Reasons to Become an Au Pair in Australia

For students with dreams of visiting Australia for an extended period, working as an au pair might be the perfect way to do so. Because students from most countries are allowed to live in Australia as an au pair for up to twelve months, you’ll have an opportunity to experience the country to the fullest while working and living with a host family. Here are ten of the many reasons why young people with a desire to travel to Australia might want to consider doing so as an au pair.

  1. The Opportunity to Work With Children – Working with children and assisting with household tasks will be among your primary responsibilities during your stay in Australia, so students with plans for a career within the childcare industry will have the added bonus of working experience while living abroad.
  2. Improving English Language Skills – For young people who speak English as a secondary language, your time as an au pair will help you to polish those skills into fluency through immersion.
  3. Experience the Diverse and Exciting National Culture – There’s more to Australia than “shrimp on the barbie” and “mates;” by living there for an extended period, you’ll be able to experience everything the country has to offer.
  4. Making Friends and Forming Lasting Relationships – Living and working with your host family will help you to create a strong bond that will last for a lifetime, while the friendly and outgoing nature of most Australians makes it easy to make new friends outside of the home.
  5. Enjoying a High Standard of Living – Australia came through the global financial crisis largely unscathed, due to an abundance of natural resources. As a result, their economy is one of the strongest in the world.
  6. Living Within an Established Family Unit – Traveling to a foreign country to live, even for only a year, can be as scary as it is exciting. By becoming an au pair, you’ll be able to live with a host family that can give you guidance and security during your stay.
  7. Because You’re a Bit Older – The age limit for serving as an au pair in Australia is a bit higher than most other countries; if you’re thirty years old or under, you can enjoy the benefits of working as an au pair and earning spending money in addition to the room and board your host family provided.
  8. Strengthening Your Resume – In today’s competitive job market, anything that sets you apart from the field of other applicants can give you the edge you need to land a job. Spending a year in Australia working as an au pair can be just that edge.
  9. To Take In the Incredible Sights – Au pairs in Australia work less than forty hours a week, and almost always have at least two days off each week. In your free time, you’ll be able to enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds you.
  10. Becoming More Self-Reliant and Well-Rounded – Though you will be living with a host family, you will still have responsibilities that you’re expected to fulfill. You’ll also become more self-reliant through the simple act of leaving home and living in a foreign country for a year.

Living with your host family will allow you to experience Australia in a way that tourists cannot; as a resident with all of the amenities of home. Instead of a short trip that drains your budget, consider becoming an au pair!

10 Reasons to Become an Au Pair in Canada

Though there is no traditional au pair program in Canada, there is a live-in care program with similar aims. For students interested in spending an extended period in Canada, this can often be the best way to do so. Here are ten of the reasons why you might want to consider the Live-In Caregiver program for your extended visit to Canada.

  1. You Have Basic English or French Language Skills – Because Canada has two official national languages, live-in caregivers must have basic conversational skills in at least one in order to adequately handle any emergency situations that could arise while caring for your charges.
  2. You Meet the Educational and Experience Requirements – With six months of continuous training or one full year of work experience in the childcare or geriatric care fields, students meet the educational requirements and may qualify for the live-in caregiver program.
  3. You Have a Desire to Work With Children or the Elderly – Unlike traditional au pair programs, live-in caregivers working in Canada can also choose to care for an elderly person if they have the required training or experience.
  4. You Prefer to Have a Written Work Agreement – Like many programs in Canada, the Live-In Caregiver program is strictly regulated at both the federal and provincial levels. One of the responsibilities of a host family is to provide a written work agreement before the caregiver’s arrival in Canada.
  5. You Have an Interest in Immigrating to Canada – At the end of a two year term as a live-in caregiver, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residency in Canada. For young people who are interested in immigrating, this can be one of the easier ways to do so.
  6. Study is Not Your Primary Goal – Though live-in caregivers are legally allowed to pursue secondary education, the Canadian government does require that it not be your primary concern during your time as a live-in caregiver.
  7. You Want to Live and Work in a Family Setting – Living in a foreign country, while exciting, can be a bit scary. For many young people, the idea of living with an established host family reduces a significant amount of their anxiety.
  8. You Are Not Eligible For a Work and Travel Visa – In some cases, those who are not considered eligible for a work and travel visa may still be eligible under the Live-In Caregiver program. For those with the requisite experience and difficulty securing the proper visas, this could be the ideal solution.
  9. Access to a Placement Agency’s Assistance – Because the regulations governing immigration, work and the Live-In Caregiver program can be complicated, working with a dedicated agency will give you access to valuable assistance during the application process and throughout your stay.
  10. To Eliminate the Need of Securing Your Own Room and Board – Securing living quarters in a foreign country can be a daunting task. Coming to Canada under the Live-In Caregiver program eliminates the need for such a search, and helps newly-arrived young people to settle in and acclimate themselves more easily.

Canada has different requirements for those from different countries; these requirements can vary widely, depending on where you are from. Contacting a Canadian Embassy or a dedicated agency is the best way to find out what the specific requirements are, and whether you meet the requisite standards.

10 Reasons to Become an Au Pair in Spain

For students with a desire to work as an au pair, Spain is one of the most popular countries in Europe to do so. The relatively lax requirements open the doors of opportunity a bit wider to accommodate those that might be ineligible to serve in an au pair capacity in other countries. Here are ten of the reasons why Spain might be the best choice for you if you’re considering a stint as an au pair.

  1. You’re Older Than Other Au Pairs – While many other countries limit au pairs to those who are under the age of twenty-seven, the age limit in Spain is a much more generous thirty years old. If your plans to travel were temporarily derailed and you’ve found yourself too old for au pair programs in other countries, Spain may be the place for you.
  2. You Have a Desire to Learn Spanish – Unlike many other countries, Spain does not require that au pairs enter the country with even basic skills in the native language in many cases. There are several programs available for those who only speak English.
  3. You Don’t Have a Desire to Learn Spanish – Spain is one of the only countries that participates in the international au pair system that doesn’t require au pairs to be enrolled in language courses during their stay. Even if you choose not to take formal language classes, however, you may still find it relatively easy to pick up Spanish on your own.
  4. Improving Your Resume – A semester or even a full year abroad can be one of the things that makes your resume stand out in a pile of other applicants; in today’s highly competitive job market, this can be just the edge you need to land the job of your dreams when you return to your native country.
  5. Domestic Help is Light to Non-Existent – Most Spanish host families are looking for an au pair to speak English with their children and perhaps provide very light childcare assistance. Household duties and chores are exceedingly light, even non-existent in some cases.
  6. To Experience Spanish Culture – Spain’s unique culture and beautiful setting makes is a great choice for au pairs interested in experiencing an exciting and vigorous foreign culture.
  7. To Explore the Sights Without Going into Debt – Visiting Spain can be very, very pricey. However, your host family will provide you with room and board, and also a weekly stipend for “pocket money.” Rather than breaking your budget for a short Spanish vacation, you can spend an extended period experiencing all it has to offer while offsetting your expenses significantly.
  8. You Want to Experience the Country On Your Own Terms – Because the continuing education requirements, language course requirements and expected household duties are so much lighter in comparison to other countries, you’ll be free to experience Spain on your own terms and at your own pace.
  9. Enriching the Lives of Others By Sharing Your Culture With Them – Spanish host families are not looking for au pairs to provide cheap domestic help; they’re almost always interested solely in having someone to speak English around their children and perhaps tutor them lightly in English. Sharing your language and your culture with a family that is eager for you to do so can be a very rewarding experience.
  10. Making Relationships and Memories That Last Forever – Because living abroad is something that so few people get to do, you will carry the memories of your exciting and uniqe experience with you for the rest of your life.

Europeans interested in becoming an au pair in Spain are not required to obtain a visa, nor are Americans, Canadians or Australians whose au pair term is less than three months long. Contacting an au pair agency in Spain can help you find the answers to any questions you may have, and help you to make your decision.

10 Reasons to Become an Au Pair in Brazil

In the years immediately following World War II, working as an au pair became one of the most popular ways for young women in Europe to travel while living with a family. More recently, the practice has become more common around the world and grown to include young men as well. For students with an interest in spending a term as an au pair, here are ten of the reasons why Brazil might be the ideal fit.

  1. A Solid National Economy – In addition to being the fifth largest country in the world, Brazil is also the world’s ninth richest country. As the most economically stable country in South America, students visiting the country as an au pair can expect to have an enjoyable and memorable experience.
  2. A Renowned University System – The education system in Brazil is well-recognized and is home to many universities that have gained world renown. Continuing your secondary education while working as an au pair in Brazil may prove to be a wise decision as you enter the job market.
  3. To Polish Portuguese Language Skills – In order to secure a visa, prospective au pairs must demonstrate basic Portuguese language skills. Mastering the language and becoming fluent will increase your presence in the job market, and will be much easier when you’re fully immersed.
  4. Experiencing a Diverse and Exciting New Culture – Brazilian culture is unique and exciting; working as an au pair in this exotic locale will expose you to traditions unlike any you’ve ever encountered.
  5. Living Within a Family Unit – The anxiety of traveling to a foreign country can be greatly reduced by the knowledge that you’ll be living and working in a stable family environment. Your host family will be able to provide guidance and advice that you might not have access to if you choose to study in Brazil on your own.
  6. Gaining Valuable Life Skills – The simple act of learning to navigate an unfamiliar city where the language spoken is not your primary one will help you to become more self-sufficient and increase your confidence in yourself.
  7. Expanding Your World View – International travel is one of the best ways to broaden your horizons and become a wiser, more knowledgeable person. Becoming an au pair will also help you to experience the local culture of Brazil while caring for the children of a Brazilian family, whose ways are likely to be different from your own.
  8. Gaining a New Perspective – Living and working with a family who has an entirely different culture from your own is sure to change your perspective in a positive way.
  9. Forging Relationships That Will Last a Lifetime – The friendly, high-energy atmosphere of Brazil makes it easy to forge friendships with people that you meet, in addition to the strong bonds that you’ll form with your host family as you live and work together each day.
  10. Having a Unique and Valuable Experience – You will return to your home country from your time as an au pair in Brazil with the knowledge that your experiences there were unlike any that most people around you have ever had.

There are a large number of Brazilian students in the au pair pool, but considerably fewer that are entering the country as such. As a result, you’ll have a wide array of families and cities to choose from, helping you to tailor your time in Brazil to your needs and desires.

10 Reasons to Become an Au Pair in Mexico

Mexico does not have an au pair program, so there is no au pair visa available to young people who wish to visit Mexico as such. There are other work visas available, though securing them can be a long and laborious process. Here are a few reasons why your patience may pay off in the long run.

  1. Improving Your Spanish Language Skills – Though English is taught in most schools in Mexico and it’s increasingly spoken, it’s still essential that you have basic conversational Spanish skills. For those who do, working and living in Mexico is one of the best possible ways to become fluent, as it will be spoken around you almost constantly.
  2. Experiencing a Unique Culture – There is no place in the world quite like Mexico; living and working there during your time as an au pair will expose you to the rich and exciting culture and traditions of this beautiful country.
  3. Living in a Family Setting – International travel, especially for long-term stays, can be quite stressful. Even if you’re excited about the prospect of living in Mexico, it’s natural to be a bit anxious. Living with a family in an established household, however, can help you to feel more secure.
  4. You’re Not a Student – Because there is no standard au pair program in Mexico, the educational requirements in place in most other countries do not apply. You will not be required to enroll in university classes while in Mexico, though you certainly could if you secured the proper visas.
  5. It’s Much Safer Than You Think – Though Mexico can be a particularly dangerous place, it’s important to note that this turmoil is almost exclusively reserved to areas with operating drug cartels. Carefully researching your destination can eliminate the possibility of arriving at your post and finding that it’s in an affected area.
  6. Because You Enjoy Working With Children – Working with children and assisting in their care is the primary reason to become an au pair in any country; for those interested in traveling to Mexico, despite the lack of a government-regulated program, there is still an informal system in place.
  7. To Gain a Change in Perspective – Living in Mexico and observing the customs and traditions that are a way of life within the country can help you to see the world from a different perspective. This life experience will almost certainly prove valuable throughout the rest of your life.
  8. Strengthening Your Resume – Spending a year working in a foreign country can be just the thing that sets you apart from a sea of other job applicants after you return to your home country.
  9. Making a Difference in the Lives of a Family – Knowing that you’ve made a positive difference in the life of a family through providing childcare and household assistance can often be its own reward.
  10. To Share Your Culture and Language – Just as you are interested in learning about Mexican culture and polishing your Spanish language skills, your host family will be eager to share in your language and traditions. The cultural exchange is the basis of the au pair concept.

There are a few placement agencies for international au pairs throughout Mexico; contacting a reputable one is a great way to address any questions or concerns that you may have.